Counter-terrorism (JTF) – Canadian Armed Forces

CFAT Training

The Joint Task Forces or JTF are an elite special operations group of the Canadian Armed Forces. Their primary task is to deal with the nations counter-terrorism operations. Information about the Joint Task Force as well as the many other Canadian special forces are classified by the Government of Canada. Most of the army recruits that join the JTF are from the Canadian Airborne Regiment and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry group.

The JTF doesn’t just deal with counter-terrorism in the wide general terms. It is also tasked with dealing with domestic infrastructure protection, such as protection of Canada’s highways and water treatment plants, and Nuclear Power Plants.

The JTF was directly involved with operations in Afghanistan from 2001-2012. Many of the members of the JTF in Afghanistan received the Presidential Unit Citation by the US government for their service in the country, and they have been declared as a world class unit when dealing with counter-terrorism.

The JTF is just one of the specialized units that make up the Canadian Armed Forces. In a day and age where the world has been seemingly unstable, the Canadian Forces acts as a stabilizing balance. Candidates that want to later join one of these elite groups must make sure they have a strong understanding of the Canadian Military and all that is entailed in joining the elite groups. Candidates must have a strong understanding of the basics of the Canadian military and focus on building this foundation up in order to be considered for special forces groups.

Many members of the elite Canadian military forces such as the JTF are recruited from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The RCMP’s extensive training and superior policing strategy work well with the Canadian Forces elite groups. Candidates that want to follow the RCMP path need to pass the RPAT exam, which is specific for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Regardless of the initial path taken, joining the elite Canadian Armed Forces is a difficult process whereby only a few will reach. It is imperative to get a high score on the entrance exam for the Canadian Military and continue to work on your skills to better prepare yourself for elite recruitment. is not affiliated with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Forces the Department of National Defence or the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test. cannot guarantee admission to the Canadian Armed Forces.

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