Benefits of a career in the Canadian Military

Canadian Military Career

Canadian Military Careers

There are many obvious reasons why a Canadian would like to serve in the Canadian Military. Some have always dreamed of protecting their country and defending the nation from outside influences, while others imagine travelling all around the world to unique hot spots where the Canadian Armed Forces serve. Whatever your personal reason for joining the military here is what you can expect:


You will enjoy a competitive salary as well as great benefits ranging from a pension, medical/heath insurance, as well as access to a host of army only savings and discount programs from major companies. Your career in the CAF will allow you to be challenged, and increase your knowledge of world affairs.


You will obtain world-class qualifications that will be recognized whether you leave the army in the future and want to start a different career, or if you want transfer to different areas of the Canadian Armed Forces. You will gain skills and leadership that will serve you well during your career in the military that are also employable and transferrable skills.


You will visit more destinations that most people will see in a lifetime and make great friends along the way. There really is no other career quite like it and your experiences will likely stay with you forever.


Once you enter the Canadian army, your journey starts with basic training, which lasts about three months. It will be physically demanding and mentally exhausting. Remember, this training program is preparing you for real world combat. You will be trained to wake up early, have little sleep, do lots of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and to hike several kilometers for your physical fitness. The training program will be structured to give you purpose and confidence. After basic military training you will then receive the schooling and education required for your specific job. The Canadian Armed Forces have a vast array of jobs. Because you will have access to some of the world’s most innovative technologies and sophisticated weaponry, the Canadian Forces will keep providing you with training.


Once you have been trained, you will be posted to one of the Canadian Militaries bases across Canada, and/or may be deployed somewhere across the world. You’ll find bases are places of constant activity, with a huge range of social and sporting facilities to help you keep fit, relaxed and focused. For those of you who have families, there is a Military Family Resource Centre on every base, offering a variety of programs, privileges and support groups.
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