Canadian Military among highest paid

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Canadian Military among highest paid

Canadian Military personal risk their lives and wellbeing in order to protect their country from those wanting to destroy it, both domestically and internationally. While many individuals join the military primarily in order to serve their country, they also want to be able to provide for their families. Life isn’t getting any cheaper and with inflation and rising home prices many people are starting to struggle to pay the bills. According to the Ottawa Sun, the Canadian Military are amongst on of the most well paid armed forces groups in the world.

Canadian Military Salary

In 2014, the Canadian Armed Forces budget was expected to ballon to $20 billion a year, most of which is for equipment and Military salary. A starting salary is expected to be around $65,000 per year in Canada, whereas a French solder in the same rank would make around $26,000 per year. This is great news for those candidates that want to make a career in the Canadian Military. Similar to RCMP officers for example, members of the Canada’s military can expect jumps in salary depending on rank and promotion.

Canadian Military Benefits

The Canadian Military offers a great competitive pension plan that trumps many private and some public pensions. Candidates become indexed starting from their 55th birthday, depending on how many full years of pensionable service the candidate has accrued. Other intangible benefits include the valuable training that candidates receive. This training forms a basis of any future career either outside for the military or as the candidate goes up through the ranks. Many military personal chose to leave the military and enter the world of law enforcement, which depending on the specific group, could be very similar to the training received in the Canadian Armed Forces. The RCMP for example, which is an elite part of the Canadian Police Force, focuses on counter-terrorism, and federal and cross-border crimes. Having a strong military background will enable Canadian Military personal a better chance to gain entry into this prestigious group.

There are many other tangible and intangible benefits of joining the Canadian forces, such as veteran services, and assistance programs that help soldiers with certain types of assistance or support. Maternity/Paternity services are also part of the compensation package when candidates join the Canadian Military.

If you are interested in joining the elite groups within the Canadian Forces, sign up today for the CFAT and begin the training process. is not affiliated with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Forces the Department of National Defence or the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test. cannot guarantee admission to the Canadian Armed Forces.

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