Canadian Armed Forces

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So you want to join the Canadian Armed Forces, but you’re hesitating because what do you really know about their history, their mission statement, dress code or role in the global context?

Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces initially formed territorial units in 1812 to defend British North America from a United States invasion. The Royal Canadian Navy found its’ sea legs in 1910 and the Royal Canadian Air Force took to the skies in 1924. Canadian Forces won world wide respect for their fearless contribution in the Boer War, Korea and the two world wars and is a member of NATO. In world rankings they are presently 74th in terms of size and 58th inactive personnel with a budget of aproximately $21 billion a year.

Their mission is to provide Combat-ready capability to protect Canada and its’ people from direct military threat.Contain and respond to terrorist activity.Help in times of environmental disasters or civil emergencies and aid Government agencies in search and rescue operations amongst other duties. The CAF is also actively involved in humanitarian relief efforts and multi-national peacekeeping roles.

Uniforms are specific to the unit you are attached to, but as the Canadian Forces are a ‘single service’ force encompassing the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, it is not un-common to see a mix of uniforms assembled on paradeas each member retains their specific units’ dress code.

Canadian Military operations have ranged far and wide across the world in regions such as South and Southeast Asia, Balkans, Caribbean, Middle East, Arabian Gulf and Africa. As you read this, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors and air force members are currently preparing for, or engaged in, overseas missions. You are not alone, the world is waiting, thearmed forces are waiting…why are you waiting? is not affiliated with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Forces the Department of National Defence or the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test. cannot guarantee admission to the Canadian Armed Forces.

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